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X-1 Muzzle Brake / Compensator

(7 customer reviews)


Available in Standard Flat Black Cerakote

Other Cerakote color available add $10 (Contact us for color options)

Thread size is ½”-28 standard on most Mil-Spec AR 15

Sales price + $9.99 flat rate shipping.

Disclaimer: The X-1 is NOT! recommended for AR pistols and shorter SBR rifles, or shooting on indoor gun ranges. All sales are final !


The X-1 Muzzle Brake / Compensator

7 reviews for X-1 Muzzle Brake / Compensator

  1. Vikki Mayo

    I’m a 86lb.girl who luvs my Ar 15..I added the X-1 product to my gun and I can absolutely say there is no kick to my gun at all ,very little if that..I have been in years used guns that have about kicked me out of my deer blind door..I’m so glad that I have found X-1 product to add to my fav.rifle my Ar..Mack is so knowledgeable on guns
    and products..You will luv X-1 muzzle/brakecompensator..1 of my best investment so far on my Ar-15..

  2. Tanner greene

    Just recently added the X-1 to an AR ive had for years and the recoil reduction is amazing never seen one like it. Makes it even more fun to shoot plus looks sweet! Ill buy another.

  3. Drake York

    Put my X-1 on my AR-15 and went to the range, Unbelievable! My gun has virtually no recoil or muzzle jump at all, I stay on the target 10 times better. Thanks X-1

  4. Max Miller

    Yes it’s a hot item in my books I plan on buy more, it help in reducing the recoil of the rifle it helps keep you on target, best item ever

  5. MaxMiller

    Best item ever I plan on buying more for my rifles less recoil keeps you on target great deal

  6. Kirk Blakesley

    The X-1 made a drastic change in my ability to stay on target, and deliver numerous accurate shots in short succession. Not only did it minimize the recoil to virtually nothing, it diminished the muzzle lift by leaps and bounds. I wish this is something I had during my years in the military. It is definitely the right tool to increase accuracy and control!

  7. Joey Bowers (verified owner)

    I did a lot of research before I purchased the X-1 and I have to say I am very satisfied with the results. I did a test video showing the muzzle rise and the felt recoil and it looks as great as it felt! I can’t wait until they develop a version in 30-caliber so I can get one for my AR chambered in 7.62×39.

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